Why would I listen to me?

Or the bigger question, Do travel agents ever really retire? My husband and I got the travel bug early in life.  We have been to many places and when I needed more to do after the kids started school, I started selling travel.  Now I’m ready to retire.  Retiring from the travel business is hard!  You have to pick a date and say – I will not book past that date, as that is my last day.  I’ve picked a date.

I want this site to be a place where I write about travel.  Writing is one of my favorite things and I’m full of opinions and people like what I tell them.

Walk in the neighborhood

I don’t think super well outside my own pocketbook.  For example, a surgeon wanted me to book a ticket to Switzerland for a Ballooning adventure and I told him he could go round trip for $700 or $7000 depending on the seat on the plane.  He chuckled and said…. “Okay, I’ll go tourist class.”  And he did, but that was the last time I heard from him.  He would have taken the First Class ticket without blinking an eye and I made him feel foolish for doing so.  My point in telling that story is that – I’m not going to tell you to book First Class.   Sorry – I’m not your gal.  If you want to do that – just do it – it’s your money.  Who I am is the person that wants to help you see the world as often as you can, and still  save for retirement.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

I plan to write as I’m traveling and in between, I’ll dig into my past.  Just the travel stuff, for my past loves and crazy life stories you’ll have to find my other blog.

I’ll include what to do in places, and if it’s a good idea, how to do it on your own.  Just like when we built our passive house , we did what we could.  We painted, sealed the floors, installed cabinets.  DIY people, but not stupid about it.  We hired contractor, plumber and electrician.  So when I give advice on a trip, I tell you were you SHOULD NOT be driving a car or scooter.

We are both motorcycle endorsed.  WE have rented a scooter in Bermuda. We almost died about 5 times over three days and I can’t honestly recommend you doing this unless you are spiritually prepared to die.

I’ll include amazing restaurants.  We read reviews, read between the lines and then form our own opinions.  Hubby is more of a health fanatic than I, but I’m sensitive to MSG, and have been off trans fats for over 15 years. We don’t drink alcohol, so if you need a recommendation for a fancy cocktail… this isn’t the place.   If you love wonderful and unique atmospheres and knowing if it’s the perfect place for breakfast or sunset, I’d love to advise you.



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  1. Dirk says:

    Looks great Rose!


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