What a City! Singapore


Singapore is better than most cities in many ways.  The weather is not one of them.  We were there in September and it was so humid I melted and you will see no pictures of me as I’m red faced & dripping and I never sweat… usually.

Weather aside – it’s the coolest city!  The buildings and the art and the gardens.  Really worth seeing but know that it’s extremely close to the equator. Light weight clothing and planning your day to be indoors in the heat of the day are the key here.

Things we did:

  • Gardens by the Bay – we did this twice, once in the day time and then went back for the light show.  I would have gone another day as there are two indoor parts, but Cloud Forest was closed due to having work done.  We loved the indoor area called Flower Dome, as the space was climate controlled to be like deserts, and we live in the desert, so I was perfectly comfortable in there.  Okay, to be clear, it was an air-conditioned desert.  EXACTLY what I like.  We sat around and read in there… heaven.  Not kidding, we spent probably three hours in the afternoon.  Money well spent and the trees from all over the world are fantastic!  Then you need to go back when they do the light show in the Super Tree Grove.  It’s really unique and free.  DO think about wearing bug spray as the bugs were fierce in the evening. Try not to stand near the standing water ponds.
  • Singapore Botanical Garden & Orchid Garden.  Walking shoes are a must, this place is huge.  It really takes a couple visits to see it all.  The pictures above are from the Orchid garden, which is just one part of the entire garden and the only part that cost money.  Never seen so many orchids and types in one spot. Perfect weather for them.  I love seeing gardens, hope you do too!
  • Walk Marina Bay, on the way to Gardens by the Bay.  You see the skyline and it give you some distance to see what a gorgeous city this is.
  • Marina Bay Sands Skypark – the hotel with the long pool on top.  Stay here if you have unlimited cash!  It’s amazing.  If not, take the elevator up to the top and peek at the pool area, or have a meal there.P1040127
  • Ion Mall on Orchard Road.  We love walking malls.  So many interesting things and this is a really nice one.  Check out the food areas in the lower level.  We also went to the top of the Ion Sky and the view is so fun, especially because they have names of what you are looking at on the glass. Pick a day that is clear for this. Look down on all the roof top pools in the nearby hotels.  There is a restaurant up there, but the area you can walk around and look out is another free thing.  It was Grand Prix while we were there, but the only car we saw was on display at the mall.
  • National Museum of Singapore – great place to hang out during heat of day.  Learned a ton in this well organized museum. Singapore has a very interesting & long history. Really worth the stop.
  • Boat Quay – a waterfront area with restaurants and amusement rides and fun people watching.  Great romantic night spot that is very lively.
  • Little India – mostly we went for the food.  Our host were Indian and gave us the names of a few places.  Going forward, I’ll remember to write the names of the restaurants here.  Sorry.  They were good and reasonable prices.
  • China Town – go at night.  The lights are pretty and check out Sri Mariamman Temple.  This wasn’t my favorite thing, and my husband doesn’t really enjoy Chinese food, so we did this quick.
  • Go to church – we did and met some super nice people and got great restaurant recommendations.
  • Hang out in a pool in the evening to sleep well.

This city has very efficient public transportation, which we used a lot. Buses and a subway system that are well marked, as always, knowing the end spot helps to go the right direction.   We ended a long Asia cruise here and so lingering in Singapore three nights was pretty perfect.

Guess the flavor of the yellow ice cream below.

Self scoop ice-cream

Buttered Corn – I love it.



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