Luggage FEES – Packing Light – Luggage selection

If I could travel my way -I’d have one bag just for shoes, and another for clothes and I would have a little carry-on, that contained only what I need on the flight and check the rest.  But with the luggage fees on everything but Southwest, that is a luxury that I’m trying to do without.  Checking just one bag adds $25 to each flight.  Looking at travel I have planned in the first 6 months of this year, if I check a bag it will cost me $200.  I’d rather buy some new clothes for that price!!

So today I am headed for a three week trip to Hawaii with only a carry on bag and a backpack.  The key to doing this is that I’m really only packing for a week and I’ll be in condos with laundry machines.  Other trick to making this work is I’m wearing the heaviest, bulky shoes, and two shirts.  If I shop much in Hawaii, I may be wearing a lot more on the way home!

Decisions on what to bring were brutal.  One pair of pants: my hiking pants that roll up to be capris. One long skirt, one short skirt, one pair of shorts and one exercise capri with a bunch of shirts to go with all of these.  As I sit here one stop beyond home I wish for at least one of my sundresses, but this gives me a reason to shop.

Shoes… so hard to decide, I love having options.  I ended up with 5 in total and that may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. Went with hiking sandals, the grubby one as much of the dirt is red and ruins your shoes.  Regular flip flops and nicer ones with a strap around the heel, and some Birks, oh and my dresser sandals that are Teva’s so they are really comfortable.  I saw my super cute Taos hiking sandals as I walked out of the closet and wondered if I could fit them in… nope.

So we shall see if this is enough clothes and if I feel grubby next to the relatives that change clothes three times a day!  I brought one cover-up, a sarong and 2 swim suits, putting on a wet suit is just out of the question.

My newest travel purchase is this lime green EBag.  Since buying it, friends have also purchased, due to my raves and sales pitch.  I love to sell things, even when it’s not my product.  This bag comes with an amazing lifetime warranty and it’s organized so well that it’s a pleasure to work out of during a trip.  The wheels can be replaced and should that become necessary Ebag will send new wheels free. There is a compartment in the top front that fits the quart contain of liquids and I like that it keeps them separate should there be a leak and it’s easy to access in the security line.  The front pocket is made for a laptop or tablet.  I decided to not bring my computer on this trip and just borrow the hubby’s.  This might be a huge mistake…!  But I’m on it now, so I guess I can’t say this plan isn’t working.

The telescoping handle has three settings, but my favorite is ultra tall!  I love how it has straps on the side to help mash down everything.  Yes – sitting on it and having someone zip it up is fun, but you can’t always count on other people.

Carry on – only!



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