China Thanksgiving

In the spirit of thankfulness – I want to share a bit more depth in how lucky and spoiled I’ve lived in my cushy life in America. Insights after 14 weeks of living as a teacher in China.

I took these things for granted, but will never do so again:

  1. Having a machine that dries clothes
  2. Being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet
  3. Knowing generally what is in my food
  4. Being able to read labels in a store
  5. Having a car to drive
  6. Being able to rent a car
  7. Knowing what people are saying to me
  8. Knowing what the joke was
  9. Being able to communicate that the bus is cold, hot, or radio too loud.
  10. Being able to order things online and have them delivered
  11. Never looking for handicapped bathrooms, so I don’t have to squat
  12. Not worrying about my bike being stolen
  13. Knowing how to read a temp, a distance, a weight…
  14. Never having mystery smells each time I entered my home
  15. Brushing teeth using tap water
  16. Never having to order water
  17. Never having the breaker trip cause I forgot to turn off everything before showering.
  18. My bed in New Mexico
  19. My tub in New Mexico
  20. Fresh air in New Mexico – and blue skies for days
  21. Time with family and friends!!!!

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